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Being a tourist driven city, Venice has a lot of terrible restaurants and a lot of overpriced food. It’s hard to find somewhere that feels authentic (let’s face it, it’s basically impossible to find a restaurant where the locals outnumber the visitors), and it’s even harder to find somewhere that does justice to the original, delicious cuisine of the region.

For this reason, we thought ahead and booked an Airbnb with a decent kitchen because we knew that the produce we could get at the Rialto markets (or in fact, any supermarket) would allow us to cook up a meal that would be much cheaper (and probably more delicious) than most of the restaurants in our price range.

Nevertheless, in case you’re not in a position to cook for yourself, here are a handful of great restaurants in Venice:


Italians aren’t big on breakfasts. Mostly it’s just a pastry and coffee. Our top picks for both are Caffe Del Doge, Farini, and Torrefazioni.

Quick bites

Farini does great fresh pizza slices from about 10am, or you can find our favourite sandwich stops around the Rialto (L’bacaro de Bischeri and Al Merca).

Majer is a decent quality chain, or if you want something a bit special (like a platter of fresh produce or panini and a matched wine), check out their wine bar near Campo S. Giacomo dell’Orio.

Lunch & Dinner

6342 a Le Tole - inexpensive with great pizza and amazing fresh pasta

Osteria le Guglie - this place is brand new so we risked it and loved it. The decor is a little stark, but the food is delish and they specialise in seafood. We asked for a seafood pasta (that wasn’t on the menu) and they whipped us up something amazing.

Antico Gatoleto - particularly good pizza (but also other things)

Osteria da Alberto - skip the starters, they’re very average, but everything else is tasty.

Birraria la Corte - if you’re after more of a pub vibe

Enoteca Mascareta and Al Mascaron (next to each other) - a little bit pricey but good food

Something Special

Al Covo - the darling of food critics for years and years

Bistro de Venise - the ‘Historic Menus’ are an experience in themselves.

Alle Testiere - this tiny restaurants only seats 20 so you need to book it well in advance. The daily menu depends on the availability of fresh market fish and everything is damn exquisite.


The best gelato hands down is Taste Suso (if you're searching for it on Google Maps it comes up as 'Gelatoteca Suso), rivalled only by VizioVirtu Cioccolateria, which is actually a chocolate shop but has a small selection of crazy good gelato.